Dr. Tia Dasgupta

Post-Doctoral Fellow


M.S Clinical Psychopharmacology; The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

PsyD Clinical Psychology; Adler University Chicago


What I believe about therapy

Everyone in life has endured experiences and challenges which may impact their quality of life. These experiences can also leave us feeling lonely and stuck. I believe connection, aligning with our ultimate values, and moving towards acceptance can function to change the way we interact with our lives’ experiences and work to transform patterns which may no longer be serving us. I utilize an integrative third-wave Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT/ACT) approach which is individualized to serve the unique needs of the person. I meet the individual where they are at in a nonjudgmental manner, working to hear and process together in an open and safe environment. I also integrate diversity and cultural factors into the therapeutic space, serving the individual holistically. Further, I am always genuine in my approach and hope to also assist in bringing the individual back to their own authentic and fulfilled self.

Throughout my career, I have worked with the lifespan though the bulk of my work has been directed towards adults facing challenges such as life transitions, identity issues, interpersonal conflicts, depression/mood disorders, anxiety/anxiety-related disorders, ADHD, trauma, and substance use. I also have a masters in Clinical Psychopharmacology which helps bridge the gap between health and psychological issues, with the mind and body being largely connected. I have worked in a variety of settings such as private practice, college counseling centers, and an inpatient psychiatric hospital, with these settings providing ample opportunity to draw upon evidence-based approaches to a multitude of presentations. Rather than only focusing on diagnoses, in the therapeutic room I see the individual as a human that is not defined solely by weakness but rather is building the courage and hope to live a life they are deserving of. I am privileged to stand by you on this journey towards healing.

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