Dr. Jennifer Vollman

Post-Doctoral Fellow


B.A. Psychology; Illinois School of Professional Psychology

PsyD Clinical Psychology; Adler School of Professional Psychology


What I believe about therapy

Emotions are universal and can be difficult to make sense of at times. As we continue to move through life, each one of us experience life adjustments that can feel overwhelming. We may develop sleep difficulties or feelings of stress, irritability, anxiety, depression, or decreases in our self-confidence as the result of work, medical, relational, familial, or other stressors. Stressors naturally come up in life as we continue to grow, adapt, and evolve as human beings. We might engage in maladaptive interpersonal patterns or coping strategies to try to make ourselves feel better when we encounter some of the stressors life throws at us. No one is immune to life’s challenges and it takes a tremendous amount of strength, courage, and bravery to ask for support when we need it.

Throughout my training, I have had the pleasure of working with children, adolescents, and adults from diverse cultural backgrounds. My experiences include working within group private practice, integrated primary care, forensic, substance use treatment, community mental health, outpatient, and inpatient hospital settings with clients who were struggling with difficulties ranging from anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders, PTSD, social anxiety, OCD, substance use, work and performance stressors, irritability and tension, relational challenges, communication skills, and more. I am passionate about my work and use an integrative and relational approach with my clients. This allows me to treat each individual in a way that is unique to their needs and presenting concerns. Using an authentic, empathic, and non-judgmental approach, I work to establish a sense of safety and trust in our therapy relationship. I see our relationship as a collaboration between you and I in working towards meaningful growth and change. I draw upon psychodynamic orientations, relational approaches, CBT, DBT, ACT, and other evidence-based treatment approaches while supporting you to reach your personal self-improvement goals.

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