Amanda Rocheleau

Pre-licensed Clinician


B.A. Science, University of Michigan Flint

M.A, Adler University


What I believe about therapy

We all face the very human experience of feeling alone, out of control, or disempowered. As we move through everyday life our emotional experiences, stressors, and past events can impact how we understand the world around us. I hope to help you make the connections between past and present experiences, while empowering you to pull on your strengths and engage in change where you see fit. I focus on the therapeutic relationship to create a space where you feel safe exploring challenging topics and events. Within my relational and humanistic approach, my goal is to help you process and cope with current or past stressors that may be causing distress. It is important to me that your many identities are integrated into treatment and that therapy can be a safe space for self-exploration and practicing authenticity. Your vulnerability and desire for growth will be held with respect and appreciation as you take on your therapeutic journey.

My experience as a therapist has allowed me to work with a wide variety of individuals ranging in age, cultural background, and symptoms. Through these many experiences, I have found passion in working with trauma survivors, interpersonal conflict, and life transitions. I will strive to meet you where you are at in treatment and take a collaborative approach. I believe in the power of connection and the ability for a strong therapeutic relationship to help you in becoming your most ideal self.

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