Christina Chychula

Licensed Professional Counselor


B.A. Psychology; DePaul University, IL.

M.A. Clinical Mental Health Counseling; Liberty University, VA


What I believe about therapy

As human beings, having an emotional response to various stimuli is normal. Many seek therapy when these responses lean negatively and create distress among their interpersonal relationships, daily functioning, and overall life satisfaction. While this may be true, therapy can be transformative at any time, whether we are experiencing distress or joy. You don’t necessarily have to be in a crisis state to explore your self-identity and areas of potential growth. A huge part of the therapy process is about understanding who you are; in order to do that, sometimes you need to learn to un-know yourself and explore between the lines of your personal life narrative.

I believe the therapy room is a unique place for every individual. I find deep value in one’s voluntary vulnerability and the chance to witness their personal growth. Whether you’re seeking therapy with specific goals in mind, hoping to tackle distressing life challenges, or simply needing a safe space to air your truth, I strive to maintain a comfortable and compassionate environment. I am committed to walking alongside my client and their struggles. So, whether you’re aiming for growth, understanding, closure, skillset, peace, etc. – you will not be alone. “There is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t” – John Green I provide individual counseling to those experiencing depression, anxiety, and other distressing symptoms.

I am dedicated to working with those with relationship distress, low self-esteem, life transitions, and boundary issues. I am eager to empower individuals and provide them with the resources to overcomes their fears and challenges. Since every person is unique, I use an eclectic approach to therapy to ensure the most beneficial treatment. A few theoretical approaches I use are CBT, ACT, and person-centered therapy. The therapeutic relationship is the foundation to client success, which is why I believe finding the right therapist can ultimately be life changing. I look forward to sitting across from you and sharing in all the nooks of being human. After all we are human first – client/therapist second.

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